How To Make bible study simpler & more meaningful
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Discover The Secrets To Making Bible Study Simple So You Can Finally Understand The Bible Yourself
  • The Unlock Method: How to unlock any passage of scripture text to discover it's true theme and context so it becomes easier to remember.
  • Scripture Q&A: The 6 step process to asking the right questions of any text so it basically tells you it's message and meaning every time..
  • Word Study Tips: How to become a bonafide wizard at "word studies" even if you don't know a lick of Hebrew or Greek and you've never studied the languages of the bible.
  • Connect The Bible: Discover the secret to cross-referencing scripture so you can weave the the Bible together for better understanding.
  • Make The Word Come Alive: How to apply the truths you discover so the WORD becomes alive in your heart and creates huge results in your life.
  • Build Your Faith: How to partner with God during your studies to build your faith, experience true freedom and easily receive forgiveness from Him.
Researchers say people are not just studying scripture less, but they're finding it harder and harder to understand. In our opinion, the most important part of being a Christian shouldn't feel like the hardest part to do.

That's why we're inviting you this FREE, one-of-a-kind 4-Day Bootcamp to help you understand the Bible for yourself so you can grow leaps and bounds in your walk. 

This Bootcamp will give you shortcuts to mastering the easiest and most effective Bible study method there is. 

Four days from now, you'll have the tools to improve your relationships, discover God's promises and walk in power. 
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